The Team

Dr. Ariel Orbach


Ariel is a highly skilled and experienced executive with a strong background in leading deep-tech startups and understanding their specific needs. He has served as a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) in various companies, where his responsibilities included staff recruitment, lab establishment, and protocol development spanning from basic research to clinical implementation. With over a decade of experience as a bio-consultant, Ariel has played a pivotal role in guiding the development and productization of drug and diagnostic kits, from initial concepts to clinical trials. He holds a Ph.D. in Biology/Immunology from the Hebrew University and has completed a post-doctorate in biochemistry.

Dr. Mazal Dahan


Mazal is an experienced R&D manager with a strong focus on polymer formulations, material selection, product design, production processes, and testing methods, taking into account regulatory and validation considerations. She is highly skilled in developing novel protein and polymer-based products for use as medical devices for aesthetic treatments and wound care, and has expertise in product design and development, processing technology selection, process scaling, analytical method determination and development, specification determination, preclinical and clinical study design, and managing regulatory and quality assurance considerations in Israel and internationally. She has previously held leadership roles as the CEO of Metamorefix and the CTO of Serafon Resins. PhD. in Chemistry, MA in Business Development. Post Doc in John-Hopkins.

Eli Lerner


Eli is an experienced COO with a demonstrated history of working in the biotechnology and digital health industry. He is skilled in startup development, entrepreneurship, recruiting the team, and moving procedures. He has vast experience in operating businesses, strong experience including lawyers, accounting, and managerial capabilities He has Bachelor’s degree from Bar-Ilan University.

Ido Agmon

Business Development

Ido is a Biomed & Technology executive with over 15 years of hands-on experience in founding and managing Life Science-oriented ventures. Mr. Agmon was a co-founder and Fund Manager of the Aviv Bio-Invest Fund, where he was responsible for strategic planning and execution as well as for analyzing and evaluating dozens of public biomed companies. Mr. Agmon holds a B.Sc. in Life Science & Business Administration from Tel Aviv University and an MBA in Business Administration from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel.

Tovi Furman

Pharmaceutical Engineer

Tovi is a Ph.D. candidate in Prof. Avi Domb’s lab at the Department of Medicinal Chemistry at the Hebrew University. She did her B.Sc in Pharmaceuticals Engineering. Tovi Conducted research on polymer-based formulations for the sustained release of anti-cancer drugs, proteins, and peptides, and also performed research on enhanced bioavailability through oral administration.


US Medical Officer

Amnon is a doctor of Podiatric Medicine, owner of a private practice in Manhattan, NY. Over 20 years of medical and surgical Foot & Ankle expertise, clinical research with Temple University, Philadelphia, PA. 

Scientific Advisors

Professor Abraham J. Domb


As the inventor of a dozen approved products, Prof. Domb brings vast experience in pharmaceutical development and innovation. Currently, Professor Domb is the Chief Scientist Ministry of Science and Technology of Israel after serving as the head of the School of Pharmacy and a Professor of Medicinal Chemistry and Biopolymers at the School of Pharmacy and Forensic Sciences at the faculty of Law at the Hebrew University.

Prof. Domb holds BSc in Chemistry, Pharmaceutics, and Law; Diplomas in Business Management and Textile Science and Ph.D. from The Hebrew University and a Postdoctoral Fellowship at Syntex Research, Harvard Medical School Department of Surgery in the Children’s Hospital and The Department of Chemical Engineering at M.I.T.

Dr. Gabriel Polliack

Medical Advisor

Gabriel is a graduate of the Hebrew University-Hadassah School of Medicine, he completed his residency in Diagnostic Radiology at Hadassah and subsequently earned a Master’s degree in Health Administration from Ben-Gurion University. He served as a Colonel in the medical corps of the Israel Defense Forces and is a graduate of the Israel National Defense College. He held senior management positions as a medical director in the community and hospital systems, and is still actively involved in these fields.

Dr. Polliack is active as a consultant on several advisory boards of innovative technologies. He directed the implementation of extensive teleradiology services in the community, actively participated in the development of other telemedicine services in Israel and abroad, and introduced innovative technologies to these services.