About us

GentaGel-LR was founded in late 2021 by Dr. Ariel Orbach, Mr. Eli Lerner, and Professor Abraham J. Domb. The company is based on a ground-breaking drug delivery technology invented by Prof. Domb, for the in-situ sustained release of antibiotics for the treatment and prevention of surgical site infections.

GentaGel offers a local slow-release antibiotic treatment which is injected and continuously releases antibiotics (e.g., Gentamicin) for up to 60 days. The antibiotic is not detectable in circulation but achieves sufficient therapeutic concentrations in the administered area. Thus, GentaGel provides an effective antibiotic treatment while avoiding systemic side-effects and expensive cost-of-care.

The Company is entering the clinical stage with a FIH Study to be conducted at the Sheba Medical Center, Israel.