Animal Health

In the last decades, attitudes towards animal health and antibiotics have dramatically changed, mainly due to concerns about the increase in antibiotic resistance, animal welfare, and the need for sustainable practices. 

Antibiotic resistance is a global health concern, as it can impact both human and animal health. Misuse or overuse of antibiotics can lead to the development of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, making infections harder to treat. 

Overuse of antibiotics also has a major environmental effect, which includes the leaking of antibiotics and other substances into drinking water, and pollution of land, water and even the food we eat. 

Therefore, in veterinary medicine, there has been a shift towards more responsible and sensible use of antibiotics, accompanied also by significant regulatory restraints and regulations.

GentaGel-LR has a technology that is well-suited to provide this crucial unmet need for the treatment of both- livestock and pets. Our local, long-lasting sustained release of antibiotics offers a responsible, user-friendly, cost-effective and efficient treatment & prevention of a wide range of animal-related infections. Our platform enables avoiding the systemic use of antibiotics, offers effectiveness in lower dosages and can provide active treatment for over one month with a single administration. Among the considered indications are dog bite-wounds, uterine infections (metritis) in livestock and surgical site infections (SSI).

Together with the University Veterinary Hospital in Israel, we are commencing a clinical trial in horses. This study will present a subcutaneous application of GentaGel, our Gentamicin- based product, inside the incision, before closing the abdominal incision, in order to lower the incidence of infections. GentaGel will enable shortening the recovery time and reduction in side effects, with a single injection, without an increase in the resistance of the bacteria to antibiotics.

Please contact us for more details and for potential collaboration in other veterinary uses.