Accessibility statement

We do our best to adapt the website in the best way for all people, whether you have a physical disability or not, in our accessibility interface you can find the most suitable technologies that will help you adapt the website display for you, for your physical disability and for your personal needs and preferences.

For your convenience, in the opening of the interface you will find a “Activate basic accessibility” button which will activate basic settings such as adjustment for screen readers, adjustment for keyboard navigation, display of image descriptions and more, with one click and automatically. We believe that every person deserves the right to live with dignity, equality, comfort and independence, and therefore, many resources and efforts have been invested in the accessibility interface, so that it can make the use of the site as easy as possible. Happy surfing!

Compatibility of browsers and operating systems:

The site was tested in Google Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge browsers.

Adjustments of text, colors and content in the interface:

Text enlargement, black and white screen, dark and light sharpness, stop flickering, more readable font and highlight links.

Clarifications and comments:

Despite our great efforts to enable the adjustment of the site at the best level, it is possible that pages or parts of the site will be discovered that have not yet been accessed or for which the technological solution has not yet been found. At the same time, we continue at all times to improve the accessibility interface, add, update and improve it and its parts, as well as adapt and even develop new technologies in order to reach the most optimal level of accessibility possible, at any given moment and in accordance with technological progress.

If you found a fault, or if you don’t get along with the accessibility interface, or if you have ideas for improving it, we’d love to hear from you. Please click on “Send Feedback”. There you can fill out a form and tell us about your experience with the accessibility interface.