The Need

Globally, a staggering 310 million major surgeries are performed each year.
Surgical site infections (SSI) are the most common hospital-acquired infections, with over 300,000 cases in the US and an annual cost of up to $10B.

Surgical site infections raise costs due to prolonged hospitalization, additional diagnostic tests, therapeutic antibiotic treatment, and, rarely, additional surgery. In 2009, it was estimated that SSI extended the length of hospital stay on average by 9.7 days and increased costs by $20,842 per admission;

Intra-abdominal infections, or IAIs, represent a significant health concern globally, as they are the second most common cause of infectious deaths in intensive care units.  These conditions frequently result in severe consequences, including high mortality rates, prolonged hospital stays, and significant financial burdens for patients.

The common treatment involves IV combination of gram-negative antibiotics and gram-positive antibiotics for efficient wide-range coverage. However, the efficacy of intravenous (systemic) antibiotics is only partial, due to their limited penetration into abscess cavities, primarily functioning to inhibit the spread of infection.

GentaGel-LR is pioneering a revolutionary approach to address the challenges of effectively treating intra-abdominal infections by developing a biodegradable, local drug delivery system designed to treat such post-surgery infections.